Caribbean Bay

6 Jun

Summer is coming soon!

do you have any plans for this summer?! or do you not have it yet?

If you dont, then I recommend you to visit Korea and try going to Caribbean Bay.

It a water park in Korea and it is very famous among Koreans and other tourists.

There are lots of different ways to get to the place. You can take buses from gangnam station.

Make sure that you have right bus numbers before you get on.

Caribbean bay has lots of different water rides and other entertainments there.

In July through August, there are so many people that you have to wait for hours just to get on one ride.

So i recommend you to go during June if you are planning to go.

Now I’ll introduce you to water rides that they have.

First, the most famous one in Caribbean bay is the wave pool.

There is a artificial wave at a certain time and that you can feel inside the pool.

You have to have life vast in order to be in the pool

In Korea, the summer is really hot and humid so it is good idea to go Caribbean Bay with families and friends

and enjoy your summer there. There are some inside pools too for little kids.

At Caribbean Bay, it is very important to be safe and be careful of getting hurt.

Also, it is important to go on the right rides and follow the instructions that you do not get injuries.

If you would like to try some challenging rides at Caribbean Bay, there are so many interesting rides

But because it is challenging and fun, there are so many people waiting.

So i would totally recommend you to take sun cream to protect your skin.

Here are some pictures of water rides in Caribbean Bay!

I would really recommend you to visit this summer with your friends and families to forget about the hotness of summer

and just chill at Caribbean Bay!

Things you need: 36,000 for entrance, sun cream, money to buy food and drinks in Caribbean Bay.


Dream Forest

21 May

The latest posts were mostly about cafe, streets, and restaurants that you might want to visit.

Now the weather in Korea is getting warmer so,

I thought of introducing to this forest name, Dream Forest in the northern part of Seoul.

Dream Forest is not located far away so it is easy for people to find it and visit with their friends and family whenever they want to.

There are areas where you can actually walk and enjoy the fresh air.

A lot of adults come outside in the morning and walk the whole path to exercise.

I think it could be a good way to start your day and get some fresh air.

Also, there are areas for little kids. So I thought that it is very nice to bring your children for new experiences.

Dream Forest provides some animals at their park for the kids to enjoy looking  at it and feeding them.

In Korea, Zoo is not developed as well as the other zoos in other countries, like America, Sea World.

So I thought that it is better for people to look and animals in more near distance, Dream Forest.

Dream Forest provides lots of areas for children.

The picture below is this little lake that children can play at.

There are not a lot of lakes that people can find near the city. However, Dream Forest provides children’s play ground.

It is so much better for the kids to play outside rather than playing computer games.

I think it will be great idea for the family to go out and play with their children outside ion the fresh air.

They also have little play ground for the kids.

Also, in the summer, kids can come out and play with water at the Dream Forest.

Rather than having the air conditioner on, it is better for the family and friends to come outside and play outside with cold water in the summer. I would really recommend you to come and try.


I think it is a great place for parents and children to interact in the nature and also, in the summer, you can enjoy the weather and have fun with family outside, in the woods and forest. Also at Dream Forest, you can enjoy the wonderful sight in the spring when the flowers and trees grow back from winter.

I hope you can have some time to visit and enjoy Dream Forest in Korea!

Korean Traditional House Cafe

20 May

Today I want to introduce to this Korean Traditional Cafe in SanChung Dong.

This cafe is very unique and interesting because in Korea,

there are so many different types of cafe like Starbucks, Cafe Bene, Tom n Toms, and etc.

However, this one is very different than all the other cafes that I mentioned above.

This cafe is called “Cafe LN” and it is in Samchung Dong.

Cafe LN catches people’s sight because their interior is very detailed and very Korean-like which makes people to be curious.

Especially, a lot of foreign people find that this cafe is very interesting and very new to them.

There are little garden inside the cafe where people can enjoy the weather with a cup of tea or coffee.

Also there are gallery that you can look at while you drink coffee and tea.

I think it would be nice for people to visit this cafe for sure.

I would really recommend you to go if you are from countries other than Korea.

I think it would be good and memorable experience for you

because it is little bit hard to spend time in this kind of place other than Cafe LN.

I want you to see how Korean traditional house looks like by visiting the cafe and enjoy your time with your friends and family!


18 May

Hi guys im back to my blog to introduce to new place in Seoul, Korea.

This one is known for places with lots of foreign people because there are military bases near by.

Some of the Koreans who have been to America and other countries say that Etaewon looks like country other then Korea.

There are lots of things to look at, shop for, and especially, restaurants to eat various food!!!

You can take subway and get off at the etaewun station.

Subways in Korea is very developed and it is easy to get to your destinations.

A lot of people walk around the Etaewon streets to look at things that are interesting like Korean traditional decorations.

And also there are lots of vintage decorations that are very interesting.

Because it is all around the streets, it is easy for people to look and buy them.

Also there are shops where they sell very interesting clothes with sparkles and long dresses.

The clothes are displayed on the streets that people can look at them easily and get attracted while they walk around.

There are so many different kinds of clothes and because it is very various,

many different kinds of people  from other places, other than Korea visit and buy them.

There are so many different kinds of restaurants that you can try.

There are Spanish, American, Italian, Korean,Thai, Chinese, and etc..

Visit Etaewon and try different types of food and enjoy your day with your friends and family!! 🙂

Hello Kitty Cafe

31 Mar

So… this is going to be my first post and I think I’m going to constantly post about famous and interesting places to go around the world (:

The first one is Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea. I think there are lots of girls who are interested about Hello Kitty and I really like it too so I wanted to share with you guys.

The picture above is the entrance of the cafe. Its one in a place called, HongDae in Korea.

The inside of the Hello Kitty Cafe is mostly PINK !!!!! and the pictures, interiors, decorations, and even cups are all about HELLO KITTY ❤

Cups and dishes are all Hello Kittyyyyyyy ❤ SO CUTE

Also there are various menus like waffles, cakes, and yogurt ice cream.

Hello Kitty is all over the place even in the restroom here !!! :)



31 Mar

In Seoul, SamchungDong, there is a play called, Toykino.

And it is like a small museum where they collect toys and display them.

There so many unique toys that you do not get to see them usually.

If you really like toys and interested in them, I totally suggest you to go visit!!

They display separately  by the characters.

There are Winnie the Pooh, Micky Mouse, Disney Princesses, and some other movie characters.

Recently, Toykino was made into a big museum for certain time and they displayed all of the toys.

Because it is a toy museum, people might think that it is only for younger kids,

but there are lots of adults how come by with their friends and take pictures and hang out there.

So I think if you visit Toykino, you will have fun times with your friends.


31 Mar

In Korea, Seoul is known as the capital city.

And there is a place where people usually call the second capital city, which is Busan.

Busan is very famous for the beach called, Haewoondae.

Because summer is going to arrive soon, I want to introduce you Haewoondae.

There are lots of people who visit the beach during summer.

Because Busan is well developed, there are so many people visiting.

And around the beach, there are lots of hotels that are built recently.

Also around Haewoondae Beach, there is a aquarium.

There are a lot families visiting the aquarium and enjoy and have fun together.

There are various kinds of unique fishes and sharks and all different kinds of them.

I think it is very good idea to come with your family and HAVE FUN!!

I think you guys will have memorable times if you visit Busan!!! 🙂

So I hope you can visit someday and spend some time!