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Bau House

17 Feb

Today I’m going to introduce to this cafe with dogs and puppies ­čÖé

This cafe’s name is Bau House and it is near by Hongik University.

It is easy to get there with buses and subway.

I went there for the first time recently with my friends and it was very interesting

because it was something new that we haven’t tried out.

I really wanted a have a dog since i was young but, my parents wouldn’t let me.

So I think it is very nice to go to Bau House for those of you who really like dogs.

There are some people who brings their dogs and let them have fun with other dogs.

and they also let you buy dog’s snacks to give it to them and feed them ­čÖé

people enjoy their food and drinks with dogs and have fun with them!!!!!!!

I really suggest you guys to visit sometime and┬áexperience┬ásomething new ­čÖé