31 Mar

In Korea, Seoul is known as the capital city.

And there is a place where people usually call the second capital city, which is Busan.

Busan is very famous for the beach called, Haewoondae.

Because summer is going to arrive soon, I want to introduce you Haewoondae.

There are lots of people who visit the beach during summer.

Because Busan is well developed, there are so many people visiting.

And around the beach, there are lots of hotels that are built recently.

Also around Haewoondae Beach, there is a aquarium.

There are a lot families visiting the aquarium and enjoy and have fun together.

There are various kinds of unique fishes and sharks and all different kinds of them.

I think it is very good idea to come with your family and HAVE FUN!!

I think you guys will have memorable times if you visit Busan!!! 🙂

So I hope you can visit someday and spend some time!




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