Hello Kitty Cafe

31 Mar

So… this is going to be my first post and I think I’m going to constantly post about famous and interesting places to go around the world (:

The first one is Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea. I think there are lots of girls who are interested about Hello Kitty and I really like it too so I wanted to share with you guys.

The picture above is the entrance of the cafe. Its one in a place called, HongDae in Korea.

The inside of the Hello Kitty Cafe is mostly PINK !!!!! and the pictures, interiors, decorations, and even cups are all about HELLO KITTY ❤

Cups and dishes are all Hello Kittyyyyyyy ❤ SO CUTE

Also there are various menus like waffles, cakes, and yogurt ice cream.

Hello Kitty is all over the place even in the restroom here !!! :)



One Response to “Hello Kitty Cafe”

  1. Tim Bray April 29, 2011 at 5:47 am #

    Seriously? A Hello Kitty Cafe? Wow! That is some craziness. Thanks for sharing it though, one of my former students from Saipan will absolutely die when she finds out about this place.

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