Teddy Bear Museum

31 Mar

In Jeju island, in Korea, there is a museum where the display teddy bears all over the place.

you can see beaches and oceans from the museum. They have very nice views too!

People from all around the world visit Jeju island and Teddy Bear Museum.

The museum is separated into four sections.

First, “The History” displays history of teddy bears and specific events that happend over 100 years.

People from other countries will have opportunities to learn about the history of Korea and enjoy.

The second section of the museum is called, “The Art”

The teddy bears are decorated with famous brands or paintings.

The third section is outside of the museum.

They made it as a little park where people can take pictures outside and enjoy the views of Jeju Island.

Last, they provide teddy bear shop that people can buy them.

They sell T-shirts, begs, and other things that you can keep it as souvenir.

I hoped you enjoyed!! and try to visit Jeju island and enjoy the views of oceans and visit Teddy Museum with your families!


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