18 May

Hi guys im back to my blog to introduce to new place in Seoul, Korea.

This one is known for places with lots of foreign people because there are military bases near by.

Some of the Koreans who have been to America and other countries say that Etaewon looks like country other then Korea.

There are lots of things to look at, shop for, and especially, restaurants to eat various food!!!

You can take subway and get off at the etaewun station.

Subways in Korea is very developed and it is easy to get to your destinations.

A lot of people walk around the Etaewon streets to look at things that are interesting like Korean traditional decorations.

And also there are lots of vintage decorations that are very interesting.

Because it is all around the streets, it is easy for people to look and buy them.

Also there are shops where they sell very interesting clothes with sparkles and long dresses.

The clothes are displayed on the streets that people can look at them easily and get attracted while they walk around.

There are so many different kinds of clothes and because it is very various,

many different kinds of people  from other places, other than Korea visit and buy them.

There are so many different kinds of restaurants that you can try.

There are Spanish, American, Italian, Korean,Thai, Chinese, and etc..

Visit Etaewon and try different types of food and enjoy your day with your friends and family!! 🙂


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