Korean Traditional House Cafe

20 May

Today I want to introduce to this Korean Traditional Cafe in SanChung Dong.

This cafe is very unique and interesting because in Korea,

there are so many different types of cafe like Starbucks, Cafe Bene, Tom n Toms, and etc.

However, this one is very different than all the other cafes that I mentioned above.

This cafe is called “Cafe LN” and it is in Samchung Dong.

Cafe LN catches people’s sight because their interior is very detailed and very Korean-like which makes people to be curious.

Especially, a lot of foreign people find that this cafe is very interesting and very new to them.

There are little garden inside the cafe where people can enjoy the weather with a cup of tea or coffee.

Also there are gallery that you can look at while you drink coffee and tea.

I think it would be nice for people to visit this cafe for sure.

I would really recommend you to go if you are from countries other than Korea.

I think it would be good and memorable experience for you

because it is little bit hard to spend time in this kind of place other than Cafe LN.

I want you to see how Korean traditional house looks like by visiting the cafe and enjoy your time with your friends and family!


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