Caribbean Bay

6 Jun

Summer is coming soon!

do you have any plans for this summer?! or do you not have it yet?

If you dont, then I recommend you to visit Korea and try going to Caribbean Bay.

It a water park in Korea and it is very famous among Koreans and other tourists.

There are lots of different ways to get to the place. You can take buses from gangnam station.

Make sure that you have right bus numbers before you get on.

Caribbean bay has lots of different water rides and other entertainments there.

In July through August, there are so many people that you have to wait for hours just to get on one ride.

So i recommend you to go during June if you are planning to go.

Now I’ll introduce you to water rides that they have.

First, the most famous one in Caribbean bay is the wave pool.

There is a artificial wave at a certain time and that you can feel inside the pool.

You have to have life vast in order to be in the pool

In Korea, the summer is really hot and humid so it is good idea to go Caribbean Bay with families and friends

and enjoy your summer there. There are some inside pools too for little kids.

At Caribbean Bay, it is very important to be safe and be careful of getting hurt.

Also, it is important to go on the right rides and follow the instructions that you do not get injuries.

If you would like to try some challenging rides at Caribbean Bay, there are so many interesting rides

But because it is challenging and fun, there are so many people waiting.

So i would totally recommend you to take sun cream to protect your skin.

Here are some pictures of water rides in Caribbean Bay!

I would really recommend you to visit this summer with your friends and families to forget about the hotness of summer

and just chill at Caribbean Bay!

Things you need: 36,000 for entrance, sun cream, money to buy food and drinks in Caribbean Bay.


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