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Hello Kitty Cafe

31 Mar

So… this is going to be my first post and I think I’m going to constantly post about famous and interesting places to go around the world (:

The first one is Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea. I think there are lots of girls who are interested about Hello Kitty and I really like it too so I wanted to share with you guys.

The picture above is the entrance of the cafe. Its one in a place called, HongDae in Korea.

The inside of the Hello Kitty Cafe is mostly PINK !!!!! and the pictures, interiors, decorations, and even cups are all about HELLO KITTY ❤

Cups and dishes are all Hello Kittyyyyyyy ❤ SO CUTE

Also there are various menus like waffles, cakes, and yogurt ice cream.

Hello Kitty is all over the place even in the restroom here !!! :)




31 Mar

In Seoul, SamchungDong, there is a play called, Toykino.

And it is like a small museum where they collect toys and display them.

There so many unique toys that you do not get to see them usually.

If you really like toys and interested in them, I totally suggest you to go visit!!

They display separately  by the characters.

There are Winnie the Pooh, Micky Mouse, Disney Princesses, and some other movie characters.

Recently, Toykino was made into a big museum for certain time and they displayed all of the toys.

Because it is a toy museum, people might think that it is only for younger kids,

but there are lots of adults how come by with their friends and take pictures and hang out there.

So I think if you visit Toykino, you will have fun times with your friends.


31 Mar

In Korea, Seoul is known as the capital city.

And there is a place where people usually call the second capital city, which is Busan.

Busan is very famous for the beach called, Haewoondae.

Because summer is going to arrive soon, I want to introduce you Haewoondae.

There are lots of people who visit the beach during summer.

Because Busan is well developed, there are so many people visiting.

And around the beach, there are lots of hotels that are built recently.

Also around Haewoondae Beach, there is a aquarium.

There are a lot families visiting the aquarium and enjoy and have fun together.

There are various kinds of unique fishes and sharks and all different kinds of them.

I think it is very good idea to come with your family and HAVE FUN!!

I think you guys will have memorable times if you visit Busan!!! 🙂

So I hope you can visit someday and spend some time!



Teddy Bear Museum

31 Mar

In Jeju island, in Korea, there is a museum where the display teddy bears all over the place.

you can see beaches and oceans from the museum. They have very nice views too!

People from all around the world visit Jeju island and Teddy Bear Museum.

The museum is separated into four sections.

First, “The History” displays history of teddy bears and specific events that happend over 100 years.

People from other countries will have opportunities to learn about the history of Korea and enjoy.

The second section of the museum is called, “The Art”

The teddy bears are decorated with famous brands or paintings.

The third section is outside of the museum.

They made it as a little park where people can take pictures outside and enjoy the views of Jeju Island.

Last, they provide teddy bear shop that people can buy them.

They sell T-shirts, begs, and other things that you can keep it as souvenir.

I hoped you enjoyed!! and try to visit Jeju island and enjoy the views of oceans and visit Teddy Museum with your families!

Bau House

17 Feb

Today I’m going to introduce to this cafe with dogs and puppies 🙂

This cafe’s name is Bau House and it is near by Hongik University.

It is easy to get there with buses and subway.

I went there for the first time recently with my friends and it was very interesting

because it was something new that we haven’t tried out.

I really wanted a have a dog since i was young but, my parents wouldn’t let me.

So I think it is very nice to go to Bau House for those of you who really like dogs.

There are some people who brings their dogs and let them have fun with other dogs.

and they also let you buy dog’s snacks to give it to them and feed them 🙂

people enjoy their food and drinks with dogs and have fun with them!!!!!!!

I really suggest you guys to visit sometime and experience something new 🙂